Thursday, February 07, 2008

Books in Review

I don't recall whether or not I had a specific textbook on the Historical Jesus Problem in Intro to the New Testament. I remember the professor's lecture on it (very clearly), and I remember some books I read on the topic in subsequent years.

But I can't remember whether we had a book in NT 18 that explained the debate.

If not, that's likely because Mark Allan Powell's Jesus As a Figure in History wasn't published yet.

This is a surprisingly good textbook for introducing seminary students, religion majors, and beginning biblical students to the field of Historical Jesus research. Powell is detailed, clear, thorough, and--what was perhaps the most surprising--unfailingly generous in his descriptions of scholars and their methods. It would be a useful addition to any introductory New Testament syllabus.

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Anders said...

I reccommend the logical and historical research of Ribi Yehoshuas from Nazareth's found at