Sunday, June 23, 2013

Announcements, Updates, and Current Events

I have neglected to make a few important announcements in this space.

First, for the past two years I have been serving as a Licensed Local Pastor at a church in Pennsylvania.  This has changed my status with the UMC from "Certified Candidate" to "Licensed Local Pastor (Seminary Completed)."  Although I have just left parish ministry (on which more below), I have been glad to have been a part of a local church in this capacity.

I finished the PhD this past April, and graduated May 13th.  My dissertation, "Mapping Suffering: Pain, Illness, and Happiness in the Christian Tradition," is currently available on ProQuest.

I have also accepted a position as Instructor of Religion at Huntingdon College, in Montgomery, Alabama.  I will begin this fall.

My bishop has approved this as an Extension Ministry, so my status with the UMC will remain the same: Licensed Local Pastor (Seminary Completed) appointed to Extension Ministry.

This is an exciting new chapter in my life!  Stay tuned . . .