Saturday, January 06, 2007

FDA Approves Canine Diet Drug.

Well. Nothing like ignoring root causes.

And letting profitability drive research.

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Aria said...

This comment isn't for this post (or even this blog) but since Xanga (or whatever it is) won't allow anonymous posting and I hate having to create a username just for your blog (sorry I love it but not enough to add to the ever growing list of usernames and passwords)I wanted to post and say I enjoy reading BOTH your blogs and congrats,

oh and also what I was thinking today when I was catching up on your blog was "oh I forgot Duke uses Dewey - I ought to ask her what the longest Dewey number she's ever seen is" (I'm a librarian who happened to learn in library school that Duke is one of the few academic libraries that never switched to LC, and thusly has dewey numbers a mile long or so I hear...and yes this facinates the librarian in me to no end =)