Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Duke forbids exotic dancers - News

Students criticize reinstatement of the policy

Is it even worth trying to respond?

Student leaders are objecting to regulations that prohibit exotic dancers at official university events, calling it "moralistic" and "paternalistic."

I mean, really. The regulation is so pathetically circumscribed that I object to it on the opposite grounds. The judicial representatives admit that the regulation has no impact on private on campus parties, much less off-campus residences. It only applies to "open" parties, where everybody's invited.

I'm a little ashamed to go to a school where strippers may be hired for on-campus parties, as long as they aren't "advertised."


revabi said...

What does one say or do?
Is this in response to the Duke Lacrosse party media incident, giving Duke a black eye?

So, if it is an open party where everyone is invited and could be a public party you can't have them?

But if its a party that is not suppose to be advertised as open, you can have them? So then the Duke admin. can dissavow having anything to do with them in case another incident happens.

You mean to tell me without the Prophet himself, Will Willimon, the place went to hell in a handbasket, and does doublespeak?

But then while Will Willimon is situated on the Bham Southern Campus, United Methodist itself, we have students who think nothing of burning down churches in the middle of the night.

My, my. But then I went to a state university, that the parties, etc went on freely.

revabi said...

OOps I meant not open in my previous statement about being advertised.

I am United Methodist also, just being a little tongue and cheek.