Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just in case you were wondering . . .

Graduate stipend not enough? You could always sell your reproductive services. Sound a little odd? Wait'll you see the fee structure:

Surrogacy Fees

Egg Donation Fees

I found the following site via an advertisement at the McCalls sewing pattern website. Yes. I was shopping for skirt patterns and saw an ad: "Surrogate Mothers Wanted. First Timers. Stay Home with your Family. $18K to $25K."

I could more than double . . . almost triple my annual income by gestating. Doesn't sound like near as much work as grading an extra section of papers for a tenth of the income.


JoVE said...

Which mostly tells you that grading papers is grossly underpaid.

I just read a very good book about women who gave their children up for adoption in the 1960s (roughly), by Ann Fessler called The Girls Who Went Away. I wrote a little review on my blog. But one of the things that book made me think about was surrogacy. It seems to be based on the same basic principle -- it's okay, you'll forget this child, you can get on with your life.

Fessler (and apparently others who have researched surrendering mothers, according to a woman who worked in adoption for many years that I met at a party last night) have shown that those women do not just forget and indeed that the experience has a profound impact on them. The price is never going to compensate for that.

and that is on top of the whole horror of buying babies by any means.

Nan said...

So sad.

I simply can't imagine.

I do know someone who did this for her best friend. Donated her egg. So she has a son who doesn't know he's her son that lives about an hour away with his Mom and Dad. She says that she's still happy that she could "give this gift" to her friend but she is always comparing him in growth and looks to his 1/2 siblings that live in her own home. Also... geeze... what will she do if he and her daughter fall in love?

Are there any studies out there of teenage/adult children of this type of reproduction? I would find it interesting to see how many of them have had major "issues" because of not knowing who their parent(s) are or anger at their "parents" for doing this to them.