Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A fascinating article on higher education faculty salaries: Chronicle Article on Salaries

A few interesting things:

* Obviously, the male-female salary gap. And this is in education, where people tend to be more liberal than the general population. I'd hate to see stats for businesses.

* The break-down by type of institution. Church-related doctorate-granting institutions have average salaries somewhere in between public and private schools, while church-related bachelors-only schools have the lowest average. I wonder whether that's related at all to political leaning, population served, or denominational politics.

* My reaction to the listing. I'm salivating at the thought of earning a Lecturer's salary at a community college. "Wow!! What would we DO with ALL THAT money?!?! Thirty-five thousand dollars, for just ONE of us!! Wow! We'd be RICH!"

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JoVE said...

One of the issues contributing to the continuing male-female split is that women are less likely to negotiate when they are hired. Keep reading those tables of average salaries and get yourself a 'feminist salary negotiation posse' to support you when you do get offered a job so you start at the best place. Where you start has a big impact on where you end up.